Plants, plants, and more GREEN!

One of my favorite trends that has become more prevalent recently is ALL THINGS GREEN. The message is clear- We want nature, and we want in now! And understandably so, in these trying times of 2016. Psychologically, green is a calming and grounding color, associated with nature, health, and harmony. One of the easiest & healthiest way to [literally] liven up a space is to stack plants on top of plants in every corner of your home. Plants add oxygen into the air of your home, so they are useful as well as pretty.

I am from the desert, and currently reside in Denver. My natural propensity for keeping plants alive is slim to none. I have found the easiest way to care for many plants is to research greenery that thrives in my climate. Denver is dry and my home is dark– hence, my home is filled with succulents and cacti. Large plants would be Fiddle-Leaf Fig trees or Areca Palms. Just remember, plants are LIVING, breathing entities. I like to think of mine as pets. Don’t go out and buy 30 plants and then let them all die! Research your climate, plants that grow well in indoor/lowlight settings, and learn how to properly water them.

And good news is, if you are horrible at keeping ANY plants alive, plant themed upholstery and art prints are very poplar, as well! You can get the green look without the greens.

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