Gallery Wall Display

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They may require a lot of hammering, but gallery walls are always worth it in the end. Gallery walls are a great way to turn your collection of eclectic, oddly sized artworks into a curated and tidy display.

Suggestions for a nice, clean gallery wall–

<Opt for a common theme of subject matter [talking about the art]. You can buy 20 white floaters and perfectly place your pieces, but in the end, that poodle portrait still does not belong next to the sailboat photograph. Keep it cohesive. Nature. Portraits. Colorful illustration. Choose a theme.

<Limit your frame sizes and colors. Again, with the ‘keeping it cohesive’ theme. Gallery walls are supposed to be eclectic, but too many thicknesses, colors, and textures on every piece of art can turn your organizational project into a chaotic mess. 1-3 colors works well, and again, go with a theme! White, grey, salmon. Emerald, sand, white. Consider accent colored frames, i.e. all black frames with three gold ones. 1-3 sizes of frames, as well. Oversized mattes are stylish and useful, take advantage of larger mattes if you need to size up a tiny print.

<Take the time to lay out your gallery wall on the floor, first (or at least sketch out a plan). You may regret it if you just start nailing up pieces willy nilly, and then realize the last piece won’t fit in, or all the big pieces are on top and little pieces on bottom. Plan it out!

<TIP: An art hanging tip I learned while working in the gallery biz– Yarn! Lining your wall with yarn and a few thumbtacks is an easy way to achieve balanced design. You can measure out the section you imagine your gallery wall will take up, tack up a horizontal line of yarn on the top and a horizontal line on the bottom. Boom. You have a rectangle guide for your gallery wall, hammer away.



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