Repurposed Wood Obsession

I’m OBSESSED with all things wood!

Especially natural grain, repurposed accessories. You can pretty much DIY anything out of wood, just throw some varnish on that beautiful slab and *BA-ZING* look at that gorgeous coffee table!

There are many different kinds of wood to choose from, and you will get a distinctly different look depending on the treatment or grain. Finding live edge slabs of wood is how you achieve that unique and imperfect, natural-edged look, great for coffee tables, headboards, dining tables, and really anywhere you can imagine. You can usually find some awesome chunks of live edge wood on Craigslist, but the trend has caught on, so live edge is usually pretty expensive no matter your source.

There are a million other ways to DIY very cheap wood into something beautiful! Just check out the lumber section at your local Home Depot, and bring your thinking cap. You can find a lovely grain in decking lumber, which is cut in long, thin strips (think floor boards). Also check out their wood siding offerings, which are cut in many different sizes but you will find bigger squares of it. There are also SO many ways to build furniture and accessories out of wood pallets, and you can get your hands on free wood pallets all over the place.

PRO TIP for DIY wood projects– When you varnish/shellac, be sure to varnish all sides of the wood! If you put something wet on one side, but not the other, it will warp! There is a chance of warping, regardless, but taking the precaution of varnishing all sides of your wood will decrease the chances of ruining your project. It very much depends on the quality and thickness of your wood, as well. You don’t need to worry about warping so much if you are varnishing a 10″ thick chunk of log, but if you are working with a 1/4″ thick piece of siding, your chances of warping are higher. Take the extra precaution or you may regret it! Problem solving is sometimes inevitable with DIY projects, so start with a solid plan, don’t shortcut too much, and be patient with yourself.

Have fun with your wood! Wood is such an easy way to bring nature into your home, and it looks good virtually everywhere. Throw in a couple large houseplants and you’ve got an incredibly beautiful, calming, and welcoming modern design.


Designed by Houzz, SF Architecture

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