Bright & Fun

You don’t always have to take life so seriously! Yes, white and gray can be quite easy to style and yes, it’s calm.. BLAH BLAH! What ever happened to color and whimsy?! It doesn’t have to be everywhere, and maybe put in some thought before painting your bedroom bright orange.. but nothing brightens up a space like a hot pink love seat, a bold patterned rug, or funky, vintage wallpaper. I love the minimalist look as much as the next designer, but sometimes the stark, pale, ‘everything has its place’ look can be exhausting to maintain. Real people have REAL stuff!

This look is bright&fun, often whimsical&eclectic. Great for kids room, single 20s chick, family living, shared apartment living, and just LIVING.


London home of Liza Giles, designer for Tricia Guild

Sporadic POPS of color brings life into a space. Don’t go nuts with it, think ACCENTS. You won’t believe what a couple of yellow pillows or a colorful area rug can do for your home!

Sukan on Etsy

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