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My Ode to Colorado Livin’–

I’ve always had a place in my heart for bohemian fabrics and textures. Absolutely stunning patterns and tones with a warming vibe that reminds you of mother nature. Adding a few bohemian touches here and there is such an easy way to add warmth to your home, creating a welcoming and happy atmosphere.

Bohemian is a flexible style that can be used like an accent, or take over a space and turn it into a different world. Keeping your area bright and open with minimal styling can help to add depth and interest to a space without creating a cluttered look. Of course, boho style also looks excellent when over-decorated, so go nuts if you want to! This style works well for trinket hoarders, people with eclectic style, world travelers, or those who just enjoy den style living [human fox, much?].

Pretty Little Pieces Blog

Boho styling can be beautiful and calming, charming and bewitching. Style a deep, rich color tone into a room and it will transform the space into a comforting womb for thought and relaxation. Creating a retreat in your home to escape to for a good book, a nap, or just some alone time is essential.

Beldi Rugs

With boho, RUGS are everything. Rugs are the perfect bohemian accent pieces to liven up a room with little decor or color. Natural material furniture [wood, copper, metal] with white toned walls looks incredible incorporated with 3 or 4 colorful rugs. A very chic way to combine your love of minimalist AND boho.

From Moon to Moon Blog

As per usual, I will suggest you keep it tidy. Choose a color pallet and stick to it, don’t allow your eclectic design to turn into a chaotic mess. Luckily, with boho, sometimes more is less.

Have a blast choosing your new bohemian flares!

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