Desert Decor

Being from Nevada and living in Colorado, it’s no surprise that I absolutely adore desert decor! Lately, I feel super inspired by desert color palettes, whether subdued & sandy or bright & eccentric. I’ve noticed myself gradually accumulating endless desert themed mantel trinkets and art, and my attempt at keeping high light/high water plants alive has been happily replaced with procuring succulents and cacti. These easy to maintain plants can make any gardening-challenged person feel like a green thumb, and desert decor is a ‘revival look’, so you can easily find piles of thematic accessories laying around your local thrift shop.

Subdued desert color palettes, like the above examples, are a fun twist on the minimalist home. I’m personally a little burnt out on the uber-stark white & gray look, barren homes with matching white accessories, etc. If you like this clean aesthetic but are getting bored of the white on grey on white, try enhancing your minimalist space with sand tones, light peaches, and lots of GREEN.

And Like I mentioned above, adding cacti and succulents to your home is an amazingly easy way to maintain greenery without feeling like you just adopted an extra child. You only need to water these plants every couple weeks to a month, depending on the season and temperature.

Succulent PRO TIP: Water your succulents how you would imagine they would receive moisture in an actual desert. Every couple weeks, hold your potted succulent under a slow running sink or hose and let the water completely drench the plant (the pot MUST have a draining hole on bottom or else this will cause root rot in your succulent), and then return to mantel or wherever you keep your succulent after it’s done draining. This is how desert plants receive moisture in dry climates, as it only rains once in a while. These plants thrive off of the “camel effect”, where they take in a huge amount of moisture all at once, and then live off of it for remaining dry weeks or months. Note, you should only drench your succulent like this when the soil is completely bone dry. Overwatering succulents is the #1 way to kill them, as it causes their roots to rot.

If subdued tones aren’t really your thing, you can choose to decorate your home with a brighter desert motif. I really love the Boho thing, but Eastern designs and decor don’t exactly fit my home or lifestyle. Take a twist on Boho, with similar color palette, textures, and fabrics, but instead of Eastern accessories and patterns, go Western. Add burnt and bright orange throw pillows, thick stitched items, hot pinks & fuschia throws, turquoise & kelly greens, cacti galore, large potted aloe plants, geometric patterned area rugs, some desert themed art prints, hanging terrariums, you name it! Boho goes Western with this fun & bright desert look. 

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