Alright kids, I feel like it’s time to make an admission. I’m finally ready to divulge a true, not-so-guilty pleasure of mine. I admit it– I LOVE girly stuff! I do! I don’t know how it happened.. Perhaps the many years of happily sporting my big brother’s hand-me-downs, scraping my knees, punching boys (true story), and being a rebellious teenager drove me to finally come out of the girly closet in my twenties. But I am telling you, if it’s pink and covered in glitter, I am going to want it.

Blush is a crazy popular color right now. It’s a subtle pink that doesn’t have to be considered pink if you don’t want it to. It’s not terribly flamboyant in its pinkiness, but almost leans more toward the gold/salmon/tan side of the palette. I’m in love with this color, and so is interior design. It makes for a killer accent color in a space that calls for a feminine touch, or looks great completely saturating a room. Plus, this color is insanely versatile. You can dress it up with a chic interior, with gold accents, shiny metals, and fluffy white throws -or- dress it down (or vintage) with woodgrain accents, plants, mid-Mod furniture, and brown textiles. Blush can also be sported up a bit by pairing it with green- a nice hunter or kelly green looks great next to this pink variation, and pairing blush with its complimentary color (green) will make it POP in a really appealing way.

Desert Pink is another great way to go with the blush look. This color refers to the naturally occurring hue that is cast in desert landscape areas, especially on sand. This color is vibrant and gorgeous, yet approachable. Looks amazing with sand colored accents, gold & metallics, woodgrain, white, black, and again, GREEN!

Pink+Industrial– I love this look. What a unique and fun way to feminize an industrial space. Not only does this shade of pink look great with gray/concrete, but it really helps to dress up the space without clashing (too much. A little mix&clash never hurt anyone!).


Awesome! Pink! We did it. Embrace the femininity of this color and work with it in a way that reflects your style. Pink has never been more widely accepted by all looks and walks of life, so have fun with it!

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